Monday, October 24, 2005

I was walking from my house to the subway, which takes me through the eastern edge of U of T campus. I was admiring the fall colours, noting how every fall they seem to change overnight. How beautiful they are. I should really spend more time outside in fall, because you don't see images like this all the time and they're really quite pretty.

As I headed toward the subway, this man approached. Our dialogue went as follows:

him: Excuse me, miss, this is the University of Toronto campus?
me: Yes.
him: Could you point me towards Victoria campus?
me: Well, this is it. Was there any building you were looking for in particular?
him: Uh, no, no.


I looked down to see a digital camera pointed in my direction. Oh, my god. He took my picture.

The dialogue continued:

me: Did you take my picture just then?
him: What? No!

So I turned and walked away.

I can't imagine what anyone would do with just a picture. My description isn't anything overwhelmingly unique; I look like any other youngish girl on campus. However, lately I've been horrified to hear about how much privacy we really have. If you have someone's address and one other piece of information (like their social identification number), you can find out pretty much anything you want: credit history, where they work, what movies they rent, etc. Now, I'm exaggerating a little, and a picture is not a SIN, but still. What can this guy find out about me? Where is this picture going to appear? What if I surf the internet one day and come across a picture of myself, looking disheveled and rushed as I stop to give a stranger directions? How could you violate someone's privacy that way?

Goodness knows, I'm pretty lucky that it wasn't a lot worse. I'll be the first to admit that. But I can't shake the feeling that he took away a little bit of my innocence today. I'm sure that eventually I'll forget about this incident, and I'll be able to walk that pathway without remembering what happened. But not yet.


Blogger R said...

Innocence... you? Same sentance? Really? Ha! ;)

No really, that is weird.

10:18 p.m.  
Blogger Ophelia15 said...

Ok, freaky... but you know, you are pretty hot (not as hot as your sister, but OUCH!)

And R, could you PLEASE learn to spell already?? Jane really hates spelling and grammatical errors, have some respect.


1:09 a.m.  

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