Friday, June 24, 2005

OK. So type stream-of-consciousness-style for five minutes, huh? I wonder how long it will take me to run out of stuff to say. I wish I could type better today. I really wish I could type better, period. Linus has ridiculous speed and accuracy, and I think that's what I want. When I was learning to touch-type, my mother tried to dissuade me from using the backspace key. I argued that it shouldn't matter, because it's there anyway, and I shouldn't be punished for using a tool that's available to me. How stupid was that. I guess that I should be typing something interesting instead of talking about my touch-typing history. Does anyone else think of random stuff like this? Hmm. I wonder what song this is. Oh, it's "Boogie Oogie Oogie" by Taste of Honey. Who names their song "Boogie Oogie Oogie?" Despite the name, I really like the song. I like disco. I think I'm on a soul/disco kick. It's been kind of fun, although after awhile I get really sick of hearing the same damn songs over and over. It's like the Edge; every time I listen to that station repeatedly over a certain period of time, I start hearing the same songs at the same times. In fact, there was one summer where "Never There" by Cake was just released, and I used to be able to time how late I was by when I heard it. If I heard it after I came out of the shower, I was fine; if I was still in bed, then I was in real trouble. Why don't radio stations mix up their music more? I mean, sure the Edge is an alternative station, but I bet if they threw some classic rock or something in there once in awhile, no one would complain. That would sure beat hearing the same freaking singles over and over again. OK, this song is "You Mean Everything to Me" by The Real Thing. Aww. I wonder how real The Real Thing was. How long did they last? Probably not that long, because I've never heard of them. Is five minutes up yet? No? Oh, man! I just cheated and went back to fix a typo. Sometimes, when I make typos, they sit on my consciousness like leeches and suck at my creative forces until I go back to fix them. I wonder how many other people are affected by mistakes like that. I wonder how long freaking five minutes is. It seems ridiculously long to me. I think I'm too self-conscious. Do you ever get the feeling that you're being really annoying?

Time to stop. Thank goodness.

*time delay of about thirty seconds*

OK. So that was actually kind of fun. I'm going to try to do another one. I wonder how good this will be. I guess no one is really going to care about the quality of my writing, because as far as I know only four people actually read this site. I think I'm comfortable having a nice, quiet, private site like that. It's kind of a reflection of me!

So I'm going to try to write in paragraphs. I wonder if that will make the blog better or worse.

I'm having trouble typing again. Man, I should really work on that.

I am really excited because I found a bag today for $13. Does that make me a girl? I guess it does. I know that I am a girl, and I shouldn't assume that one girl-like incidence is going to totally change my personality or anything, but I find it interesting that I have these random girly outbursts. I wonder if that would be a good name for something. Random Girly Outburst. Maybe like a book club or something.

Man! I just self-edited. I'm not supposed to do that in this exercise. I don't like doing this. I feel really shallow. I'm sure that I'll read over this and be embarrassed. Oh, well, who cares. Maybe after awhile I'll stop caring about what people think. Maybe. Sharyn (my old lab manager) told me that one of the (only?) benefits about aging is that you stop caring about what people think of you. That sounds great. I think I should age immediately. Except I don't really want to age, because then I would be the oldest Master's student in my program and also really bad at ultimate.

I wonder how many minutes are left. Five. Oh, god.

What determines a good name? I have no concept of that. I think there are all these team names out there that are fine, and also some that are not names I would want for my team. But I assume that for the bad ones, there's an inside joke in there somewhere that I really don't get. I am not a good judge of names. I know many people who are very picky about what their team should be named.

Ah! Self-edited again!

So, really, what's in a name? It represents you. You, or your group. And it defines who you are, and what people can expect from you. Sort of. But, I mean, I'm really not picky about what my team is named most of the time. I've rarely found a name that is really, really, terrible. I can't even think of one right now.

My wrists are getting sore.

So what's the big deal with names? Anyone?

I wish I could design shirt logos. That would be really good. Artistic talent could be kind of nice. It would be nice to draw straight lines, too. I remember asking my mom once how she could draw such straight lines, and she said, "It comes with practice. When you are older, you'll be able to draw straight lines too."

Why would I remember that? Do I talk about my mom too much? Not enough? It's not meant to be tinged with sadness or anything, just a memory I have. I attach no emotions to them. Really. You shouldn't either, whoever "you" are.

I'm self-editing again! It's that whole mistakes-cum-leeches thing again. Maybe I'll go back and edit my post once time is up so that it makes a bit more sense. I guess that's illegal in the rules, but I don't care. I -

Time is up.


Blogger Matteus Von Mustard said...

Wont sum knew sole? Well, its old, butt perhaps knew two ewe:

Donny Hathaway.

1:07 p.m.  
Blogger Jane said...

Thanx, Matteus!

I found out how to figure out cool names!

10:18 a.m.  
Blogger deadpan said...

hey, you have a blog? that's cool. i didn't know you had one. now i have even more procrastinating to do. i haven't actually read anything yet, but i will. can i link to you? or do you want to keep this a secret?

3:51 p.m.  
Blogger Jane said...

My blog is not that exciting, but I'm glad that you found it anyway.

You can definitely link to me! I was originally going to keep it a secret, but I didn't do a very good job. So feel free to link away.

Congrats on your move! And welcome back!

10:48 a.m.  

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