Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I meant for this blog to be private. And now it isn't. I'm trying to decide whether I care or not. Is this blog for me? or for other people? If it's public, then I may feel a tendency to write for others and not for myself. That, in turn, may inhibit my posts or stop them altogether. On the other hand, I was having a big problem keeping this a secret, so maybe it was just as well that it got out.

Anyway. Sorry to any who got offended because I kept this a secret for two weeks. I just wanted to be able to write somewhere and not worry about how good/interesting/creative it was. I'll try to do that anyway - maybe that will teach me to stop being so self-conscious.


Blogger Matteus Von Mustard said...

my friend myrtle has the same weird theory about her blog... and i must admit i do not understand it. if you want to write privately... it's very easy actually, and it definitely doesn't involve the internet.

2:05 a.m.  
Blogger Paul said...

We're here 4 u.

12:23 p.m.  

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